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about Us


We know one thing for sure:  Happy kids make happy moms! That’s why we do our utmost to design a complete
collection of basic clothing in beautiful colors, for kids with fashion-conscious moms. Our basics are always a
combination of quality, comfort and fit, with modern and trendy design. Practical and stylish.

The above of course, goes both ways. Happy moms make happy kids! And that is visible everywhere at Little Label.
For example, our customer service. We want to help create happy moms. Thus service and flexibility are paramount.
Our staff policy is also focused on this principal. Working at Little Label allows us to develop careers as a working
parrents and also gives us enough possibilities to devote our time to the kids.

wie zijn wij UK 



We are an ambitious team who share the same passion: to develop the most beautiful and comfortable
basic clothing that makes kids happy. We handle the entire process, from design (color, material selection and fit),
production supervision, sales, communication, to the moment it is delivered to the customer.

astrid arts - customer service
It is important that customers feel welcome in the shop of Little Label. They are in good hands with Astrid. 
Customer focus and good service are of high importance in our company. 

suzanne reyenga - sales support
Suzanne is the main point of contact for all retail buyers. She knows all retailers by name and provides the best possible
service everyday.

jesse bergsma - sales
Jesse is responsible for retail sales, both national and international. Traveling all over Europe Jesse
realizes our international growth & ambitions. More continents to follow!

esther gerritsen - operations
From our warehouse to anywhere in the world, Esther makes sure your delivery, big or small, will arrive
perfectly and as soon as possible.

ingrid pouw - product development
ingrid has extensive experience in design and development of collections and is therefore an important
link in the development of new collections.

hayley eckhart - social media
Hayley is resposible for online marketing and social media. She keeps everyone informed of the latest developments in social media and realizes our social media plans.

susan boersema -  design
Season after season Susan makes the greatest designs for our collection. For many years already she is of great
value for Little Label with inspiring ideas and refreshing designs.

jurate chimarios - online
Jurate is based in London. From overseas she monitors our online shop. She knows all about the technical details.

margeriet van der Laak - graphic design
For all our brochures, our webshops and artwork Margeriet translates the Little Label feeling into great design and 
beautiful images.

charlotte de Leeuw - founder & general manager
After years of working for various magazines and publishers, Charlotte decided to start up Little Label. She became
fascinated by the entrepreneurship, the brand Little Label, and the people who have joined the Little Label team.
Charlotte is responsible for the general, financial and commercial management.

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